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Ideal implant therapy requires a combination of comprehensive knowledge and clinical skill in both the surgical and prosthodontic phases of treatment. This course will meet the RCDSO hands-on and didactic requirements for the prosthetic phase of implant treatment.

Case Selection

Informed consent
Patient communication
Proper patient selection criteria
Risk assessment

Pre-surgical consideration

Number of implants
Surgical flap design
Pre-operative medical workup

Radiographic interpretations

Digital imaging; PA’s; PAN’s
CBCT Scans Interpretation

Surgical Treatment

Surgical protocol
Surgical protocol for single and multiple missing teeth
Bone grafting techniques and material selection

Pre-treatment Protocols (Hands On)

Interdisciplinary treatment assessment, intervention and communication
Surgical guides

Record Keeping

Pre-treatment diagnostic records
Interdisciplinary communication

Management of Complications

Post surgical and pre-prosthetic assessment

Long term follow up, maintenance & peri-implantitis

Prosthodontic Treatment and Management: (Comprehensive Didactic and Hands on)

Single Implant restorations
Overdentures. (Individual Attachments)
Two implants for a 3 unit Bridge

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